Bears (Ursidae)

Bears (Ursidae) – large mammals with thick fur and a short tail, hailing from the Ursidae family. Bears are alike to dogs, in that they are also caniforms. Bears are similar to humans as well, in that they walk on the soles of their feet and like giving hugs.

Why did the bear quit digging a den?

It was a boring task.



Because jokes are better when you have to explain them.

1. The act or process of making or enlarging a hole. [Dictionary]
2. Not interesting, tedious.

An Unbearable Sight

They wouldn’t let Mama Bear in to look at her husband’s murder scene. It was too grizzly.


Polarity hilarity

Why was one polar bear attracted to another polar bear?

Animal magnetism


Parks Hibernation

Poehler Bear.


Amy Poehler Bear with cast of Parks & Recreation

Who is laughing now

Who is laughing now?

Adorable baby panda, Bao Bao, falls at her press debut; embarrasses herself and her entire species.

Endangered pandas

When will pandas no longer be endangered?

When they stop coming home with two black eyes. Happy Chinese New Year!